11:30 1/5


About bigbluetotoro

I've always loved Photography. I also love these things: Records, Mopeds, Antiques, Whiskey, Abandoned Places..you get the point.
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2 Responses to 11:30 1/5

  1. baltards says:

    So the idea is to *take* the picture everyday or just post a pic? I’m thinking to myself… where in your local world today is an evil neon miniature roller coaster?

    • The Idea is the photo posted has to be taken on the date it represents. so at least 1 photo taken every day. and only 1 photo posted every day. if I have time I will take a few and pick 1 from them. or if I decide to go out and shoot a set. I’ll pick 1 photo for this spinoff blog. this photo is actually the clock in the basement. I set the shutter speed way low. and set the white balance way off. and played around with physically moving the camera in and out of the focus area and in different directions etc.. it was fun!

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